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Winhonor Consulting Company Limited


Company purpose: "create overseas registration service network "

Winhonor Consulting Company Limited, it was founded in 2009, is the earliest overseas registration consulting company in China.

Since its inception, we have been committed to simplifying the overseas registration process, creating a product registration service network and providing customers with efficient and quality overseas registration services.

Our services include :

1. All GLP experimental projects.

2. Overseas independent registration items.

3. Overseas support registration service.

4. Resources integration of overseas registration.

5. Consulting service for overseas registration of enterprises


Our story :

Since 2003, I have had the honor to participate in pesticide export and overseas pesticide registration. Through the state-run trading company, the liberalization of self-run export right, self-run export, product support registration, change of product registration regulations, self-run overseas registration investment, self-owned product registration, explosive demand on overseas registration, the emergence of overseas registration market, the increase of product experimental projects and other development stages.

With the development of pesticide production and export in China, we realize that most companies in China are facing the problem of pesticide overseas registration. The problems include: The chaotic management of overseas registration projects; Unclear on product investment budget; Each country has its own registration regulations, so it is difficult to deal with different national registration regulations ; The insufficient accumulation of enterprises' own technologies, personnel, samples, materials, laws and regulations, etc.

In order to solve these problems, we have experienced many successful and failed projects, and gradually learned more knowledge from work and study, improved our working ability, and accumulated more resources. Meanwhile, there are many registered consulting companies in developed countries, but no third-party consulting companies are found in the domestic market. Therefore, we decide to become a professional consulting service company for overseas registration of pesticide products and establish a professional registration service network to provide professional services for more enterprises and solve the problem of overseas registration of products faster and better.

After years of efforts, we have gradually formed a unique overseas product registration service system, and completed many product experiments and product registration projects.

To provide better quality, faster and more perfect service, we will continue to firm direction, work hard to improve our system in the future.

Your support makes us more determined; Your trust let us have more power to move forward.


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