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Pesticide Management in EU

1. Pesticide regulation   Regulations of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union、Directive 98/8/EC、Directive 396/2005、Directive 2009/128/EC.

2. Pesticide management system
2.1 Pesticide registration and re-registration system
In the European Union, pesticide registration is divided into two levels, namely the registration of active ingredients and the registration of products. The former is licensed by the European Commission and the latter by the member states. After the active ingredients are registered in the EU, the member states will be effective at the same time. Only after the registration of the active ingredients is obtained can the registration of the pesticide products containing the active ingredients be carried out.
In addition to the pesticide registration system, the EU has also established a pesticide re-registration system to phase out high-toxic and high-risk pesticide varieties.
2.2 Management System of Pesticide Operation and Use
In order to reduce the risks to human health and the environment from the use of pesticides, the EU has developed Directive 2009/128/EC, which proposes a series of measures and requirements
to build a framework for the sustainable use of pesticides. At the same time, EU Directive 1107/2009 also regulates the operation and use of pesticides. In summary, it mainly includes the following aspects:
1) Develop a national action plan.
2) Implement training and qualification certificating for pesticide operators and pesticide staffs.
3) Establish pesticide sales and use records.
4) Certification and supervision of pesticide machinery
5) Restriction regulations for pesticide application sites.
2.3 Pesticide Residue Management System
EU regulations allow the establishment of maximum pesticide residue limits on the basis of scientific analysis and verification, and the establishment of maximum pesticide residue levels for plant and animal products in accordance with good agricultural norms.
2.4 Pesticide statistics
In order to provide a unified scientific basis for the assessment and decision-making of pesticide management, the European Parliament and the Council issued Directive 1185/2009 on pesticide statistics on 25 November 2009. The directive sets uniform standards for the collection, statistics, transmission and quality assessment of data related to the sale and use of pesticides.

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