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Pesticide Management in Myanmar


1. Pesticide regulation
According to the regulations on the use and management of pesticides in Myanmar, the import of pesticides must be registered locally and approved for import.

2. Pesticide administration department
Pesticides are managed by the Plant Protection Department of the Ministry of Agriculture in Myanmar.

3. Registration Types and Material Requirements
Registration types includes: Trial registration; temporary registration; formal registration; special registration; renewal registration.
Material requirements: 1) Application forms, purchased from the department of agriculture;
2) Suggestions on product application; 3) English label and Burmese label; 4) Data requirement for registration of pesticides: general information, properties of the active ingredient, properties of the formulated product, intended uses and methods of application, assessment of efficiency of pesticides, toxicology, residue data, environmental data, disposal of surplus pesticides and pesticide containers, labelling; 5) Information Certification of Export Pesticides (color scanner);
6) Product Production License and Its English Version (color scanner); 7) Business License of Manufacturing Company and Its English Version (color scanner); 8) Samples (liquid 250 mL, solid 250g); 9) Standard samples of active ingredients (2 for each active ingredient in the product, 1 g for each) and certificate of analysis; 10) 25g raw drug sample; 11) The chromatographic column used for the analysis and determination of the effective components in the preparation samples; 12) Samples must be airlifted regularly; 13) In order to increase the chances of the Ministry of Agriculture accepting the registration of the product, it is necessary to provide international papers on the efficacy of the product, as well as the registration of the product in countries other than China as far as possible.

4. Registration approval process
Phase one: Prepare registration materials and samples; Phase two: Purchase application form, submit registration data, samples and standard samples, etc, and pay the sample testing fee; Phase three: Approval stage, respond to official questions; Phase four: Pay the official fee and get the registration certificate.

5. Validity period of the registration types


Registration type

Validity period


Test registration

2 years


 Temporary registration

5 years


Official registration

10 years


Special registration

1 year


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