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Pesticide Management in Ghana

1. Pesticide regulation   Ghana signed the《Rotterdam Convention》on September 11, 1998 and ratified it on May 30, 2003.

2. Pesticide administration department
Environmental Protection Agency: Environmental Protection Agency issues environmental permit and pollution reduction notice and control the amount, type, composition and impact of waste discharge, storage; Develop standards and guidelines related to air, water, land pollution and other forms of environmental pollution, including waste discharge, and toxic substance control; Conduct environmental surveys and make recommendations to the Minister on this to promote investigations, research and analysis to improve and protect the environment in Ghana and to maintain its good ecosystems.
Chemical Control and Management Center: Handling chemical import and export license; Check and control of industrial, daily chemicals, agrochemicals; Manage the transport, storage and disposal of hazards and waste products; Pesticide registration; Project development and international relations.

3. Registration Types and Material Requirements
Registration type includes: Temporary registration; New registration; Registration update; Registration renewal; Recipe update; Transfer of registration rights, etc.
Material Requirements: If a certain chemical needs to be registered by the Environmental Protection Agency, the applicant must provide technical information about the product. The information provided should include the use, composition and origin of the pesticide. In addition, the physical and chemical properties and toxicity levels of the formulation and active ingredients must also be provided. This information must be accompanied by an ecotoxicological and toxicological study of the product formulation and the active ingredients. Samples provided are subject to testing by the Ghana Standards Committee.

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