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Product Studies

1. All GLP Study Projects for Products Registration Application

    We are the long-term partner of India JRF (JAI RESEARCH FOUNDATION) in China, working for all projects communication and handling. JRF is one of the biggest Laboratories in Indian, has the advantages of High Quality Studies, Professional and Serious Knowledge, Perfect Projects Management, and Efficient Positive Communication. We have a big market share in China, not only projects number, but also good comments from all clients. The cooperation between Winhonor and JRF was started on 2011. Now we have been finished about thousand products study projects with very good services comments from clients. Hope our cooperation will be also successful, and We are very sure that you will have good impression about us immediately after the first time trying.

      At the same time, what we are focusing on are the following points for Product Study Project: Match the Regulatory Requirement, Long-term Cooperation and Service, Good Communication and responsing. Basic on above points, we will help our clients to solve all the questions about Study Requirements in Different Countries, Studies Cost and Time Budget, and Technology doubts for Study Guidelines.

The Product Studies include the following, with Guildline GLP, NO-GLP, CNAS etc:
(1) 5 Batches Analysis , including samples pre-screen and impurities preparation.
(2) Phy&Chem studies, including the unite of different country requirements.
(3) Toxicity Studies, including pre-studies, a.i analysis, dose formulation, TK analysis etc.

(4) Ecotoxicity Studies, including the unite of different country requirements.
(5) Envioranment Fate and Metabolism Studies.
(6) Study Packages according to different country requirements.
(7) Other Required Studies: Such as QSAR studies for EU, Mexico and Brazil.


All team in Winhonor Consulting Company Limited, with Passion, Professional, Insisting, Confidence, and Projects Management System, we will try all our efforts to Improvement and Growth, to give best services to our respected clients. You are warmly welcome to join us for growth together. Our clients is not outside, You are most important of our Business. 

       All the best to all of you!



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